Biofil Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited, a company promoted by the dreams and values of our founder and mentor Shri Ramesh S Shah in the year, 1985 as a Private Limited Company for manufacturing Pharmaceuticals products. Later on company was converted into Public Limited Company in the year 1992. Shri Ramesh Shah is a Pharmacy graduate and possesses a vast experience in Pharmaceuticals Business and he puts all his experience and knowledge to float company successfully. In order to meet the continuing demand of funds and resources Company floated public issue in the year of 1993, issue was fully subscribed and give new height and recognition to the Company.

Company is always endeavor to enhance the stakeholder value and bring valuable difference in people’s life considering that motive in the mind Company entered into business partnership with HLL Lifecare Limited (Formerly Hindustan Latex Ltd) an undertaking of Government of India. As per the agreed terms Company has provided manufacturing facility to HLL Lifecare Limited for manufacturing of Iron and Folic Acid Tablets (IFA) and other Pharmaceuticals products as required by HLL.

The management of the company has been continuously engaged in upbringing funds, proper availability of human resource for smooth functioning of the company. The company is committed to long term sustainable growth and shareholders satisfaction. The Company insists on integrity, honesty and fairness in all aspects of its business and expects the same in all its relationship.

Moto of the Company is “Health For All” as rightly said in Rigveda “losZ lUrq fujke;k%”(SARVE SANTU NIRAMAYA)